Our company specializes in providing a complete range of services on oversized and heavy-weight cargo transportation from Europe to Russia and all across Russia. Since September 2010 we’ve become a recognized member of ASMAP.

Company's autopark consists of high-power trucks and low-bed trailers allowing transportation of up to 20 meters length yachts and boats, industrial equipment, road-building and farm machinery.

ATP Nevskoe offers specialized services in oversized and heavy-weight cargo dispatching and transportation, developing optimal routes and using all types of transportation, including:

  • – Carriage by air
  • – Specialized low-bed trailers
  • – Freight transportation by ship

In cooperation with reliable partners we are able to deliver cargo and goods from USA, China, Japan and other countries of the world.

ATP Nevskoe consults in customs related questions and offers assistance in cargo customs clearance proceedings.

We also provide truck evacuation services and a full range of works on transportation permits, cargo insurance and all related paper work.
In effective cooperation with our foreign partners we can arrange cargo delivery from any point of the world, hands to hands.